Core Mission:

My name is Alexandria and I am the creator of Food Story. I cook and eat – my two greatest passions – from my homes in Czech Republic and Austria, and beyond. Food Story was created in June 2020 with the belief that by garnering a collection of stories about the recipes, ingredients, and techniques that are significant to the individuals and communities around the world, we have the chance to solidify a greater human connection.

In short, we’re about breaking bread.

I greatly believe that the stories about the food and meals foundational to our being deserve – and need – to be told. Their backgrounds and histories should not be silenced, ingredients thinned out, and significance muted and ultimately lost.

Food is a great teacher and unifier, which is why we serve as a medium for individuals to paint their personal and colorful stories of the meals that make them who they are so that together, we can cook, appreciate, teach, learn, and have a greater conversation.  

Further food for thought:

Eating, cooking, and passing down our traditions is a common world activity, but how we eat, make preparations, and hold significance in our meals makes us unique.

There is the opportunity to have greater respect for one another if we strive to connect to the lives behind the recipes we are utilizing; this poses opportunities to delve further into the human experiences of another.

The factors that have influenced our food, and the food that has influenced history and tradition, is immeasurable.

Global connectivity may be at an all-time high, yet there is not equal willingness to always learn; meals can serve as a common ground for conversation amongst family, friends, and amongst strangers.

We can rejoice in what is new and exciting, and as we ask questions and share our own experiences, we begin taking small steps that become more comprehensive until a bond has been forged and the history, norms, and traditions of another have become woven into our minds.

Food Story was born knowing that a face-to-face connection is not always possible, but the internet can connect an unlimited amount of passionate cooks and readers.

That is why we encourage people from all backgrounds – all nationalities, communities, races, sexualities, religions, and so on – to share their stories, so that the next time we want to make a meal, we all get to break bread with you.